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Eggs | Pasture-raised | 1 Dozen


Try our farm-fresh chicken eggs, raised with love and care by our 7-year-old daughter Caroline! Our hens spend their days freely roaming the farm, pecking at bugs and soaking up the sunshine – it’s a happy and healthy life for them. At night, they’re safely tucked away in their cozy coop, protected from any pesky predators.

Our chickens are fed a healthy, free-choice diet supplemented with top-quality grains to ensure they lay the freshest, most delicious eggs possible. And with Caroline overseeing the operation, you know that these eggs are coming from happy, healthy, and well-loved hens.

Treat yourself and your family to the best eggs around – order a dozen (or two!) of our farm-fresh eggs today, and taste the difference from happy, healthy hens.

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