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Pork Offerings

We raise a crossbreed of Yorkshire pigs (your classic “pink” pig) and Hampshire pigs (black and white). We’re proud to say that we celebrate “the pigness of the pig” as Joel Salatin says, and all of our hogs spend their day wallowing in mud, foraging on grass and roots, and in general living their best life.


Available in individual retail cuts and processed in a USDA facility.



To purchase your share of a pig, check out the options we offer.

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About USDA Pork

USDA pork comes in individual retail cuts and is a great option for people who don’t have the storage capacity for larger cuts. We offer everything from pork chops to pork shoulders and more. 

About Custom Pork

We offer our customers the option to purchase pork shares. Our hogs are available in two sizes –  by the whole or half. To learn more about custom pork, click the button below. 

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