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Pasture-Raised Chicken

Our pasture-raised chickens have a diet of provided feed, foraged insects, and grass. Our hens live outdoors in mobile shelters to protect them from predators and the elements. Their shelters are moved to fresh grass twice daily.

How It Works

We have whole chickens for sale year-round (SHOP HERE).

Order online, or schedule a time to shop our freezers by emailing us.

Learn more about our 2024 Chicken CSA program below.

Options & Specifications

Our 2024 Chicken CSA is Open for the Season.

Our chicken is available fresh or frozen.

Fresh birds must be picked up on the processing day chosen.

Frozen birds can be held for no more than 48 hours.

Spring 2024 Offerings
50 lb. (approximately 10 chickens)

Processed birds average 5 lb. per bird.

The typical cost for whole chickens is $5.25/lb. plus a $3 processing fee per bird. Our chicken CSA saves you money per pound. There is no processing fee.

Processing dates run approximately every 4 weeks, beginning in late June and ending in mid-October.

Questions?- email us here!

Ready to sign up? Purchase your 2024 pasture-raised chicken CSA below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?

By purchasing a CSA share you are investing in good health and local agriculture.

Community members with an interest in being more directly involved with local farms purchase a share at the beginning of the season.

In return, you save some money on processing as well as receive a guarantee of receiving the product.

What is pasture-raised chicken?

Chickens that are raised on pasture forage throughout the day and eat insects, grass, and seeds. They spend their time in a mobile structure (known as a "chicken tractor") to protect them from predators.

Our meat chickens are pasture raised, which allows them to move freely within the structure. It is moved to fresh grass twice a day, to allows the birds access to natural food and foraging material.

What is free-range chicken?

Our egg chickens are free range, except at night for predator protection. They are free to roam the land they live on and are not confined in an enclosure for 24-hours a day.

What are the benefits of pasture-raised chicken?

Pasture-raised chicken is sustainable, great for the environment, and great for consumers. They live in a more natural environment, and have a nutritious food source, making them better for people to consume. Because pasture-raised chickens live on and forage off of the pasture, their manure helps to rejuvenate the land, giving back to the environment.

We choose to raise pastured poultry since it aligns with our regenerative agricultural practices, and helps us maintain a symbiotic relationship with both the land and the animals.

What is the difference between pasture-raised chicken and cage-free chicken?

Pasture-raised chickens are raised outdoors with access to grass, sunshine, and fresh air. Cage-free chickens are chickens that are still raised in large commercial barn set-ups with no access to fresh air, sunshine, or grass - they are simply not confined to cages within the barn.

Where are you located?

Our family farm is located in Fillmore, NY. We are minutes away from Letchworth State Park and Rushford Lake. If you have any questions about getting to our farm, please call 716.259.2930