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Good Food from the Ground Up

We are a family-owned and operated farm that believes in providing people with fresh, nutritious food from pasture-raised animals, including pork, chicken, and grass-finished beef.

Our Story

Founded in 2019, Riverview Farms evolved from a family’s dream of a wholesome life into a thriving embodiment of agricultural passion.

Our journey began with a simple desire: a beautiful space to raise our family, which blossomed into a mission-driven venture. At the heart of our farm is a deep-seated commitment to the land and sustainable agriculture. We balance our farming methods with environmental stewardship, ensuring our practices respect and nurture the land.

Our approach to animal husbandry honors the natural behaviors of our livestock, achieved through rotational grazing, minimal soil disturbance, and an ongoing dedication to eco-friendly practices. This dedication allows us to offer top-tier, pasture-raised Angus beef, pork, and chicken, crafted with care for both quality and environmental integrity.

We are proud to offer a variety of grass-fed and pasture-raised meat products.

What’s Important to Us

At Riverview Farms, we believe in making high-quality meat accessible for everyone. We thrive on our intimate relationship with nature where we live by the seasons.

Being rhythmic with nature and sharing land with our animals has strengthened our ethics. The respect we have for our animals and ensuring they live happy, fulfilling lives is important to us.

We believe in transparency. We want you to meet our animals that eventually become the food on our plates that fuel us. Reach out to us anytime to schedule a visit to the farm, we’d love to meet you.


Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Mary Beckendorf

Mary Beckendorf


Mary has extensive experience in farming, having been raised by parents who were dairy farmers. Now residing on her farm with her husband and 5 kids, Mary works to make food accessible for everyone, regardless of income. She believes healthy eating shouldn’t be a luxury for only a few to enjoy. Farming being such a major part of her life, Mary embraces her relationship with nature and the animals she raises.

George Headshot

George Beckendorf


George was born and raised in East Aurora. He got his start working on a dairy farm when he was 15-years-old. When the small farm he was with merged with a larger farm, he later moved to Cuba, NY to work there. He also worked as a dairy herdsman and a breeding tech.

George enjoys caring for cows, the physical challenges of farming, and learning new skill sets. He knew he wanted to work for himself, be home with his kids, and spend his time on his terms. Knowing this is what he sought for the future, he and Mary decided farming is what they wanted to do with their lives.

During his free time, George deer hunts and goes trout fishing. He enjoys being outside in nature on a daily basis.

Life on the Farm